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Ireland Smart Tech Fund

The Ireland Smart Tech fund is a venture capital fund primarily focused on seed and early-stage technology businesses based in Ireland.

The Ireland Smart Tech Fund is looking for innovative, disruptive, global, high-potential technology businesses with scalable, capital efficient business models.  We will aim to be the first institutional money to invest in the companies (but this will not be a prerequisite).



Dublin BIC is presently finalising the details of the fund with the various Limited Partners (Investors) and will be investing in exciting opportunities from early 2018.

Investment Strategy

  • Sectors of focus include SaaS, B2B enterprise software and medical devices. We look at both horizontal and vertical businesses but have a preference for businesses targeting a large niche (vertical)
  • The fund looks for businesses with founders who have deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and the pain points they are addressing
  • The fund looks for products or solutions that are materially better than existing solutions, or that are a new way of doing something better
  • We want to see the potential to build a strong defensible competitive advantage
  • We require strong signs of product/market fit and early traction usually, but not always, evidenced by real (ideally international) paying customers
  • The timing of investment is a key consideration and we are looking for a clear plan on how our investment will be spent in a way that delivers rapid growth that enhances the value of the business

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