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Dublin BIC Venture Funding

In the 1990s, Dublin BIC pioneered and led early-stage tech investment in Ireland with the Business Innovation Fund. It has continued funding early-stage companies ever since.

Dublin BIC is deeply immersed in the Irish tech start-up ecosystem and therefore uniquely positioned to identify high potential companies for early-stage investment.


New Venture Fund

The venture funding team at Dublin BIC now brings the value of its seed venture capital investment experience to a new fund - DBIC Ventures.  This new Dublin BIC fund presents an opportunity for investors to capitalise on Dublin BIC’s successful track record of selecting and investing, at an early stage, in some of the best technology investment propositions in Ireland.

AIB Seed Capital Fund

The Dublin BIC-managed AIB Seed Capital Fund has, to date, invested €13m in 40 companies through 78 investment rounds.  Portfolio companies have attracted an additional €50.5m in co-investments. With investment from AIB Bank and Enterprise Ireland, the AIB Seed Capital Fund was established in 2007. Ten years on, a significant number of companies in the Fund portfolio are now well-established and growing into significant international players within their industry sectors.

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