Incubation Space


The GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre) is a world-class centre to start and scale. With a community of entrepreneurs working in a dynamic environment specifically geared towards supporting ambitious, growth-orientated companies. The GEC offers private, shared and co-working office space, meeting rooms and conference facilities, 24/7 access and an on-site café.

The 450+ entrepreneurs based in the GEC are supported by a start-up ecosystem that provides access to networking events, seminars, workshops and social events.  

The Guinness Enterprise Centre is embarking on a major €10 million expansion that will almost double capacity with the addition of two extra floors on top of the existing building. Overall, the GEC estimates that 1,500 direct jobs will be created as a result of the redevelopment over the next five years. Construction began in November 2019 and is expected to be completed before the end of 2020. 



CoWork@GEC offers all the advantages of working in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs but with the flexibility and affordability of co-working.  As a co-worker in the GEC, you will have access to the services and facilities of a modern office as well as the full calendar of networking events, seminars, workshops and social events.

Ultimate start-up ecosystem

As well as the founders and employees of over 150 companies located in the GEC, you will have the opportunity to work alongside, and network with, start-up business advisors, investors and industry representatives. You will have access to programmes, supports and knowledge geared to helping entrepreneurs develop their business.

At the GEC, you can accelerate the process of becoming investor-ready and securing funding for growth.  

The GEC is located at Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8. Connect with the GEC team today



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