Investor-Ready Preparation

Dublin BIC Smart Start

For many entrepreneurs, one of the most daunting steps is to fully commit to a new business. For some, this might mean to leave a secure career or to invest savings. Dublin BIC actively supports entrepreneurs at this pre-product stage by working with them to establish how robust and feasible their idea is.

Dublin BIC Smart Start offers guidance to early-stage and developing companies, meeting the requirements of entrepreneurs whether they are at concept, ideation stage or development stage.


Dublin BIC Smart Start delivers a range of accelerators, workshops and courses:


Enterprise Start 2 (ES2) is a series of development workshops delivered by Dublin BIC on behalf of Enterprise Ireland. ES2 challenges and validates business ideas and aims to help entrepreneurs clarify their business proposition with a focus on the value proposition, market opportunity, market analysis and sales potential. The next ES2 will commence on 14th November with the second workshop on 28th November 2018. To register please contact us at DublinBIC. 


Sprint, an Enterprise Ireland accelerator delivered by Dublin BIC, is designed to prepare pre-investment start-ups for the process for becoming investor-ready. Participants will acquire an understanding of how to identify and segment customers, develop a compelling customer value proposition, a deep understanding of the sales process and the importance of customer validation.

The Innovate Programme

Innovate is an accelerator delivered by Dublin BIC on behalf of Enterprise Ireland. The accelerator was specifically designed for female-led start-ups where the aim is to help participants get investor-ready within 12 weeks. Successful applicants will have shown the potential to develop a product for sale on international markets as well as to create ten jobs and €1m in sales within 3-4 years of starting up. For more information on the 2017 Innovate programme click here

CSF Application Support Day's 

Enterprise Ireland and Dublin BIC will deliver a one-day workshop for all early-stage CSF applicants. This one-day course will consist of an interactive presenter-led CSF application process, including a detailed look at all sections of the application form and video pitch. If you are considering applying for a CSF call you can view and apply to attend a workshop here. 

Campus Smart Start

Dublin BIC works closely with Trinity College Dublin to support the development of start-ups and spinouts on campus. Dublin BIC supports the creation of new companies and high potential start-ups from within Trinity’s research community. Campus Smart Start works alongside Trinity’s other entrepreneurship functions including the Innovation Academy, Launchbox and LaunchPad.

If you are interested in any of the development workshops or accelerators delivered as part of Dublin BIC Smart Start, then Contact us today.



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